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广州这座开放的城市融合着我们企业先进的科技。 优质的产品,广泛的信息、发达的物流是开拓者明智的选择。真诚欢迎国内外广大客户与我们洽谈合作!

Cuanazhou Lang Ben Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is the backbone of China's oil pump mouthindustry enterprises,but also China's internal combustion engine industry associationsand China Automobile Warranty Equipment Association, one of the members. Plot formany years experience in management, the strength of the company, product qualityand reliable, the full range, excellent service reputation at home and abroad. Thecompany is Bosch, Jack Saier, Denso company, Weifu Group, Long Pump shares andother enterprises of the special dealers. The company has a number of independentintellectual property rights, construction machinery three pairs of pieces, in thedomestic market share of more than 50 percent. Companies operating networkthroughout the country, exports to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and other regions,the majority of customers praise. Long in the company of "quality of survival, in goodfaith tree image, to manage a benefit, innovation and development" purposes, andcontinuously improve product quality, a model of the industry enterprises.

Guangzhou this open city integration of our excellent business, advanced technology,high-quality products, Extensive information, developed logistics is a pioneer wisechoice. Sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to discuss cooperationwith us!